The Beach House Bar is a casual taste of the islands in the northern Ogden region of the Cape Fear area. Known for its nightlife, cold drinks, and ultra laid-back atmosphere, the Beach House Bar is the place to go for a Happy Hour beer that’s coupled with island-inspired pub grub.

The exterior and interior are a little on the rustic side, but the bare-bones yet friendly atmosphere is what attracts beach bums and local brew fans alike.  Saddle up to the bar and start with a cold beer or a cocktail, and then start perusing the menu which is surprisingly vast and features plenty of food to appease virtually any craving. The “Before, During and After” bites are the perfect accompaniment to a night out, and include beachy classics like tacos and quesadillas, surf rider nachos, buffalo wings, and fried pickle chips. For something heavier, opt for one of the big sandwiches or wraps, like the teriyaki chicken wrap, the buffalo beach chicken sandwich, or the sunrise BLT with apple wood smoked bacon. There’s also a beach house cheeseburger on Texas Toast or a bun, and a selection of salads for lighter appetites. Casual and fun, the Beach House Grill is the place to go for a hopping Friday night or a Happy Hour celebration without a trip to the shoreline.

  • Monday3:30pm-2:30am
  • Tuesday3:30pm-2:30am
  • Wednesday3:30pm-2:30am
  • Thursday3:30pm-2:30am
  • Friday12:00pm-2:30am
  • Saturday12:00pm-2:30am
  • Sunday12:00pm-2:30am
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