For a fabulous introduction to the staples of Thai cuisine, take a trip to Thai Spice. This little restaurant that’s tucked away along Carolina Beach Road has a vast menu that includes all the favorites and a few unique specialties, which is sure to give newcomers an all-encompassing primer on just how delicious Thai food can be.

The menu is divided into appetizers, soups and salads, noodles & fried rice, stir-fries, curries & sides, and house specialties, and diners will want to arrive with a big appetite to feast on a big multi-course meal. New patrons will want to start with a light and perennial favorite, like steamed dumplings with chicken and shrimp, Thai spiced wings, or crab rangoons, and then move on to a hot cup of Tom Yum Soup with tomatoes and mushrooms, or a house salad with peanut or ginger dressing. For the main course, the sky is the limit, but the house specials like the curry duck, the Thai spiced chicken, the spicy catfish or the Thai softshell crabs are all local favorites. Wonderfully colorful, and featuring all the time-tested curries, rice, noodle and main dishes that Thai fans love, the Thai Spice is heating up Wilmington’s appetite for fresh Asian cuisine.

  • Tuesday11:30am-9:30pm
  • Wednesday11:30am-9:30pm
  • Thursday11:30am-9:30pm
  • Friday11:30am-10:00pm
  • Saturday11:30am-10:00pm
  • Sunday11:30am-9:00pm
Wrightsville Beach Park

Wrightsville Beach Park

The sunny Wrightsville Beach Park, conveniently located in the heart of town, is a fantastic destination for an outdoor adventure that doesn't necessarily entail a trip to the beach. Adjacent to the Wrightsville Beach Parks & Recreation's main facilities, the Wrightsville Beach Arboretum, and plenty of wide open green spaces, this park is a perfect spot for enjoying a little free fun in the sun, without the risk of getting sand in the shoes.

Wilmington Educational Activities

Wilmington Educational Activities

Considering that Wilmington is home to the renowned University of North Carolina Wilmington (UNCW), it should come as no surprise that the city is packed with educational activities of all varieties. From historic antebellum homes to local museums where the regional history comes to life through a variety of intricate displays, there’s always an engaging activity – as well as a learning opportunity – to be uncovered with every visit to Wilmington, NC.