Downtown Wilmington visitors will first be introduced to Cape Fear Riverboats by glimpsing the massive, three story Henrietta III - a classic riverboat cruise ship - along the central waterfront. But Cape Fear Riverboats, the local tour company that commandeers the Henrietta II as well as a fleet of smaller vessels, is much more than just slow cruises through the adjacent waterways of Wilmington. Through this all-encompassing company, visitors can enjoy a number of riverboat shows, dinner cruises, private parties, fishing charters, or nature tours, allowing patrons of all tastes to discover a new on-the-water facet of the Cape Fear region that perfectly suits their tastes.

The range of cruises and charters available through Cape Fear Riverboats is almost too numerous to list, but popular excursions include the regular line-up of specialty cruises onboard the Henrietta III, which includes Murder Mystery Cruises, Sightseeing Lunch and Dinner Cruises, and private excursions for large parties. For a smaller adventure, patrons can also sign up for a Black River Nature Cruise, which is ideal for bird watchers and nature photographers, or can opt for a smaller sightseeing cruise onboard a more modest-sized but still accommodating vessel. With so many options, Cape Fear Riverboats reigns supreme as the largest, and most impressive cruise provider along the Wilmington Waterfront.

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