Ms. Pat’s Wings is a locally owned soul food joint that has a basic exterior and interior, but plenty of delicious home cooking to go around. Located on the outskirts of downtown Wilmington, in a quieter area that’s rarely explored by visitors, this almost secretive spot is a decent option for delicious southern cuisine with no frills, but plenty of flavor.

The interior of Ms. Pat’s Wings is simple and clean, albeit basic, with an array of folding tables and chairs that are spread out throughout the small dining area. Where Ms. Pat’s Wings shines, however, is the food, which is cooked with love in batches, and served with a smile by the friendly staff. Every day has a new limited, but tempting selection of options, which includes the traditional wings of course, snack-sized fish bites, and a few sandwiches. Patrons will want to pay attention to the rotating specials board, which includes southern main dishes like chicken BBQ, as well as a host of comfort food side dishes, like fried okra, mac and cheese, slaw, green beans, and rice and gravy. Always delicious, despite (or perhaps because of) its simple atmosphere, Ms. Pat’s Wings is a unique destination for budget-friendly soul food at its most authentic.

  • Thursday11:00am-8:00pm
  • Friday11:00am-8:00pm
  • Saturday11:00am-8:00pm
Wilmington, NC Boating Guide

Wilmington, NC Boating Guide

Wilmington originated as a port city, and its reputation as a haven for vessels of all sizes has lasted throughout the generations, making it one of the most popular boating destinations in southeastern North Carolina. From unique cruises of the downtown area to extended treks along the Intracoastal Waterway, the sheer range of boating adventures will entice any mariner to drop anchor in this distinctive town. Spend a day exploring the local waterways, or sign up for an area cruise, and discover why Wilmington life is at its finest on the water.

Wilmington, NC Kayaking Guide

Wilmington, NC Kayaking Guide

With easy proximity to Masonboro Island and the outlying beaches, the Cape Fear River, and miles of creeks and bodies of water in between, kayaking is a dream in the Port City. Wilmington is home to a wide range of kayaking clubs, equipment providers, and miles and miles of trails, which means that any outing can turn into a kayaking adventure in no time. Explore the various guided tours and clubs available, or find a boat ramp and / or launching site and embark on your own adventure. No matter what kind of excursion you crave, Wilmington always sets the stage for an exceptional paddling adventure.