Downtown Wilmington explorers who want to grab a quick cup of coffee and a warm homemade treat can make an easy stop along Front Street at the 24 South Coffee House. This chic and charming establishment has a collection of small cozy tables, local artworks adorning the walls, and a hefty selection of coffee drinks, cold refreshing drinks, and goodies to make any day a little sweeter in the Port City.

Though this coffee shop is fairly new, the location is one of the oldest in town, and is within easy walking distance of the famed Wilmington Riverwalk for visitors who’d rather tour the city with a hot cup of coffee or a fresh smoothie or Italian soda in hand. Patrons will also find some more unusual warm weather items on the menu, like an Espresso Milkshake and a Matcha Frappe with sweet green tea, ice and milk blended together, as well as a nice array of breakfast items and sweet treats, including bagels and buttery croissants, oatmeal, more than a dozen different kinds of muffins, and ice cold gelato. With a nice infusion of Italian fare in a traditional coffee house environment, 24 South Coffee House is a new venue that has plenty of original and historic Wilmington charm. 

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Shell Island

Shell Island

Shell Island may not be a familiar term for new visitors to Wrightsville Beach, but it’s certainly well-known among locals and historians who like to explore the original roots of the area. Referring to the northern tip of Wrightsville Beach which was once the site of a popular resort, “Shell Island” is still an attractive destination for shell-seekers, fishermen, beachcombers, and anyone who likes a little peace and quiet in this otherwise bustling beach town.

Wrightsville Beach Vacation Rentals

Wrightsville Beach Vacation Rentals

While Wrightsville Beach has a collection of hotels and motels, the primary type of accommodations in this region are vacation rentals. There are literally hundreds of vacation rentals in the town of Wrightsville Beach, which are scattered throughout the landscape and are found along the oceanfront, soundfront, and in between waterfront regions in the interior section of the island. Because of the sheer geography of this skinny barrier island, guests in vacation rentals will never be far from the town’s top attractions, which include the local beaches, the waterfront boasting, fishing, and paddling scenes, and the variety of shops and restaurants that are found throughout the area.