8 Fine Art Gallery is a chic little gallery that features a wealth of artworks from regional and local artists which pays homage to the coastal environment, or to its own little unique niche in the art world. The gallery is located just outside of the heart of historic Downtown Southport on Long Beach Road, and is located next to a collection of acclaimed restaurants and shops, and is surrounded by the historic downtown area. As a result, it’s a popular spot for visitors who are simply perusing the array of shops in the region, or who are taking advantage of Southport’s reputation as a prime destination for fresh artworks and vintage coastal décor.

A rotating collection of artists are featured, and the pieces are hung on plain white walls, with a short bio of each of the contributors to introduce newcomers to new talents. Featuring an array of artists who specialize in primitive works or abstracts, drawings from life, and unique sculptures that are created from discarded treasures, every art fan, regardless of pedigree, will find something to appreciate among the unique treasures. Because the pieces rotate on a regular basis, multiple visits are all but required to see what’s new at 8 Fine Art Gallery.

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