Annex is a hip spot for surfers and vacationers alike who are cruising to the Wrightsville Beach shoreline. Located on the edge of the causeway bridge, this destination is part sporting goods store, part clothing shop, part surf shop, and part coffee house, which allows everyone to indulge their favorite vacation pastime (shopping, watersports, or just enjoying a hot or ice cold caffeinated treat), without ever leaving this single spot.

Annex can be easy to pass by, due to its stark white exterior that doesn’t always stand out in a crowd, but patrons will know they’ve found the right spot when they see clusters of local and visiting surfers hanging outside with cups of coffee in hand. Feel free to explore the nice selection of gear and accessories, which are designed for the beach, and head to the back of the store to enjoy a hot or iced cup of the Annex House Brew – a local favorite – or another coffee house standard in the quiet back room that has a modest collection of comfy seating. Close to the beach and easy to access, Annex is a great quick stop to get everything you need, and especially coffee, before heading to the beach.

Wrightsville Beach
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