Archibald’s Deli & Rotisserie is a cute stop for breakfast and lunch fans to grab a quick bite before crossing the Holden Beach Bridge to the shoreline. Found along Holden Beach Road, and located within a mint green circular building, this deli and restaurant is just big enough to appease any sized appetite.

The menu is simple but appealing, with a modest range of breakfast items and build-your-own sandwiches, as well as a nice helping of “From the Bakery” items that can be enjoyed anytime of the day. For an early meal, opt for the quiche of the day or a breakfast sandwich on biscuit or toast, and for a sweet snack, peruse the nice variety of homemade pies, fruit filled pastries, and homemade muffins. For lunch, patrons can make their own favorite sandwiches from a long list of proteins, like ham, turkey, roast beef, corned beef, and chicken breast, or from the homemade egg, tuna or chicken salads. From there, the sandwich can be topped with a wide range of veggies and cheeses, and can be served on bread, sub roll, bagel, or in a burrito. With lots of ways to enjoy easy hand-held goodies, visitors can load up on all the grub they’ll require for a day on the sand. 

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