Create your own Mongolian masterpiece with a visit to the casual but delicious Bdobo Mongolian Grill. Located along Market Street, this little gem is veritably hidden in plain sight, and is a fine destination for hungry patrons who aren’t just craving a meal, but a unique dining experience.

Utilizing top quality ingredients that are prepared daily, Bdobo Mongolian Grill allows patrons to mix and match to create a perfect plate. Diners can choose, almost buffet-style, from 20 different vegetables, and an assortment of proteins including beef, chicken, pork, shrimp, calamari, crabmeat, and more. Once the basics are selected, diners can top their heaping plate with their choice of Bdobo house special sauces and powders, and then hand over their work of art to the master chef, who will cook up the selection on a massive 60" Mongolian BBQ grill. In just minutes, if not seconds, patrons will have a piping hot dish of food that retains all the flavor and nutrition of a plate of fresh raw veggies. Complement a big meal with a piece of homemade sesame flat bread, and dive into an exquisitely filling and colorful meal that is truly all your own. It’s a unique experience, and it’s readily available at Wilmington’s own Bdobo Mongolian Grill.

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