China Garden is an easy-to-access Chinese food restaurant that’s found along a busy section of Hampstead, just off of US Highway 17. Sharing space with a chain grocery store and several other essential businesses, this eatery is in a prime location for Hampstead locals and visitors to enjoy a stress-free, take-out family meal without extra travelling or effort involved.

The menu is fairly standard when it comes to Chinese food, and patrons will find plenty of items to choose from. Separated into different categories, which include special dishes by protein, (like chicken beef or seafood), or by cuisine, (like Fried Rice, Chop Suey, Chow Mein, Moo Shu, Mei Fun, or Egg Foo Young), newcomers will initially have a hard time deciding what to order. The majority of dishes are available in “small” or “large” sizes to make them accessible to both big and small appetites, and indecisive types can always opt for one of the dozen or so combination plates, or the lengthy list of Chef Specialties, which includes a nice array of spicy options. With lots of crowd-pleasers and more authentic dishes to choose from, Chinese food fans of all tastes can find something eye-catching to enjoy at the convenient and consistent China Garden. 

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