Custom-Tied Flies and Guide Service is an onshore Fly-Fishing School.  They teach the basics of rod selection, knots, fly selection, and casting.  Once the client has a handle on this information, they start fishing in a pond environment to practice and gain confidence.  This usually take about 4 hours with a break for lunch before they start fishing in the pond.  No gear is required for this class, but a North Carolina State fishing permit is required.

Custom-Tied Flies and Guide Service, also offers fly tying classes.  They teach the basics of fly tying gear, hooks, and materials and how they work together to create the representation of living aquatic creatures.  There is no equipment required to attend this course.

Custom-Tied Flies and Guide Service also teaches kids.  If Mom or Dad wants their child to learn how to fly-fish or tie flies, they are required to pay to take the course with their child.  The child course is an hour and a half. The age limit for Fly-Fishing is 12 and 8 for Fly-Tying.

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