Flaming Amy’s Bowl has surpassed its original reputation as a go-to for hungry UNCW college students, and is now a veritable favorite Wilmington eatery in its own right, thanks to a towering menu that can be effortlessly customized to cater to any craving.

The great thing, (and often the difficult thing), about Flaming Amy’s is the sheer variety of options. Patrons will have an overwhelming choice of proteins, veggies and sauces that can be combined to create a perfectly mouthwatering bowl that is overflowing with flavor. Each “category” includes at least a half dozen options, (and most likely much more), which makes every visit an opportunity to try something different. For example, a patron could order white rice with shrimp, black beans, cilantro, corn, and Poblano Cream sauce at one visit, and then mix things up and order rice noodles, pork, edamame, broccoli, cabbage, sprouts, and Thai peanut sauce the next. With an array of flavors, sauces, veggies and starches from all over the world, every visit can encompass a new visit to a corner of the globe.

Though not fancy, Flaming Amy’s Bowl is the perfect spot for hungry patrons to enjoy exactly what they crave on a budget – a system that is turning Flaming Amy’s Bowl into a local favorite for places to eat.

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