Take a step back in time and discover the remnants of one of North Carolina’s most famed Civil War forts with a visit to the Fort Fisher State Historic Site. This former Civil War site was instrumental in protecting the port city of Wilmington throughout the war, and fell in the last few months of the conflict in January of 1865. With the fall of Fort Fisher, the fate of the South was sealed, and the war ended just months later. Because of this history, the fort remains one of the most essential relics of North Carolina’s role in the Civil War.

There are a number of outdoor and indoor exhibits to uncover at Fort Fisher, including the outside Shepherd’s Battery, a restored gun emplacement, and a tour trail that surrounds the on-site monuments and restored remains of the original fort site. At the Visitors Center, explorers will also find a number of interactive displays, including a fiber optic battle map, and exhibits on the weapons, construction, and skirmishes that ensued at the site. With lots of history to uncover, and a pristine locale just south of Kure Beach, the Fort Fisher State Historic Site is an in-depth tour of local history that can’t be missed.

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