Movie buffs and foodies alike will have a fine time at Hell’s Kitchen, a chic little Downtown Wilmington restaurant that had a guest role in the homegrown TV series, “Dawson’s Creek.” Located just a couple blocks away from the waterfront, this eclectic restaurant is a prime spot for visitors to take a break from the shopping and sightseeing, and just enjoy a cold drink and a little taste of Wilmington’s eclectic dining scene.

Hell’s Kitchen doubles as a late-night spot for a little fun that’s coupled with a quick bite to eat, and the menu is a nice homage to this laid-back and devilishly indulgent cuisine. The appetizer section of the menu alone boasts more than a dozen items, which includes local specialties, like fried grouper fingers, as well as bar staples, like chili and cheese potato skins, beer battered mushrooms, and ultimate nachos with a long list of decadent toppings.

There’s also plenty of sandwiches, famous burgers, seafood like Maryland style-crab cake sandwiches and blackened tuna, and even a wide range of quesadillas. Essentially, whether a patron is gearing up for a night on the town, or just winding down from an evening of debauchery, Hell’s Kitchen can satisfy all wonderfully sinful appetites.

  • Monday11:00am-2:00am
  • Tuesday11:00am-2:00am
  • Wednesday11:00am-2:00am
  • Thursday11:00am-2:00am
  • Friday11:00am-2:00am
  • Saturday11:00am-2:00am
  • Sunday11:00am-2:00am
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Downtown Wilmington, NC

Downtown Wilmington, NC

For many visitors, the waterfront downtown region is where the action is in Wilmington, and an extended visit to this area is the highlight, if not the majority, of a great Wilmington vacation. Downtown Wilmington is steeped in history, filled with attractions, and offers all the enticing restaurants and shops of a major city, while retaining its small-town coastal charm.

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Top 10 Things to do in Wilmington, NC

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