Wilmington has more than its fair share of exceptional pizza joints, and even locals and visitors who are in the quieter Cape Fear regions, like the northern city outskirts near Interstate 40, will find a fantastic pizza joint to call their own, like Hoobie’s NY Pizza & Hoagies. Located in a small commercial center along Exchange Drive, this quiet little pizza joint delivers high quality New York style pies to hungry patrons, and has garnered plenty of local fans who like to enjoy easy cuisine without a drive into the heart of the city.

The menu is simple, but surprisingly extensive, with a spotlight on the signature pizzas which can come in 10”, 12”, 14”, 16”, 18”, or even 20” party sizes. Each size has its own unique style too, which can range from big floppy NY style slices to smaller bites, and there are more than 20 different toppings to choose from. In addition, diners can feast on a collection of strombolis, calzones, over baked hoagies, fresh salads, and a long list of appetizers and sides like breaded pickle chips, provolone cheese sticks, and potato wedges with cheese and bacon. Perfect for a down-home football party or just a family-friendly meal on the go, Hoobie’s NY Pizza & Hoagies brings the flavor of New York style pizza close to home. 

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