Adventurous vacationers of all ages will love learning to ride the waves through the professional instructors at JC Surf Camp. Based in Wilmington, this established surf camp was built with the vision to pass on the love and skill of surfing to a new generation of boarders, and from classes to camps, the school delivers on its premise of providing fun and quality instruction.

There are a number of ways to learn from JC Surf Camp, starting with in-depth surf camps that are geared towards kids and teens, and which are held for multiple days during the summer season. Riders can also enjoy a little one-on-one or small scale instruction through the camp’s private or group lessons, which begin with a minimum of two hours for beginners, and which grow from there. For something different and new, riders can also sign up for stand-up paddle board lessons, which are available on a private or small group basis, and which covers the basics in an easy 1.5 hour class. Accessible for both young and young-at-heart riders, and able to accommodate both beginners and more advanced borders alike, JC Surf Camp is showing vacationers from all over the Cape Fear region just how fun, exciting, and easy riding the waves can be.

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