Kabuki Korean Cafe & Sushi Bar is a distinctive restaurant that’s perfect for central Wilmington visitors who are in the mood for something that’s miles away from ordinary. Found along a bustling section of Oleander Drive, this modestly-sized but exceptional Korean and Asian cuisine restaurant features a world of rich and creatively complex flavors.

The menu may be challenging to new patrons who aren’t familiar with traditional Korean cuisine, but the friendly staff are happy to lend a hand when selecting the tastiest options. There’s a towering list of sushi on the menu, including classics like tuna, eel, and red snapper rolls, as well as a nice selection of appetizers, including egg rolls, veggie tempura, and the delicious Kimchi pancake. From here, patrons will have to settle on a main dish, which can include huge entrée soups like the Yuk Gae Jang – a spicy beef and vegetable soup – or a host or rice or protein based creations. Carnivores may want to try the Kalbi, which boasts marinated short ribs served on a hot plate, while new Korean food fans will want to go for the Bibimbap - rice topped with seasoned vegetables, a protein, and a fried egg that’s served in a hot stone bowl. Always tempting, Kabuki will show Wilmington diners just how rich and delicious Korean cuisine can be.

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