Lane’s Ferry Dock & Grill is a lunch and dinner joint that’s found within a small residential-looking structure near the Cape Fear River. Though the region is little-known and seldom visited, the restaurant, and the surrounding area itself, has quite a history. Since 1881, this little corner of the Cape Fear area has always served as a dock landing and local store, and the restaurant, which was built in 1932, continues a decades’ old tradition of southern hospitality and a welcome diversion from a long trip along the coast.

The restaurant serves breakfast and lunch, and hungry patrons will find a nice dose of southern staples on the small but appetite-appeasing menu. For breakfast, patrons can munch on a bacon, sausage or bologna sandwich, or can enjoy a big breakfast plate or omelet with grits or hash browns. For lunch, grab a single or double cheeseburger, a Philly cheese steak, a BBQ sandwich or plate with slaw, an oven roasted turkey melt, or a “Famous Mac Attack Hot Dog,” which is wrapped with bacon, topped with a half dozen condiments like chili and cheese, and which is named after the restaurant proprietor, Kenny "Big Mac" McManus. As a subtle local attraction and a good rest stop for travelers, Lane’s Ferry Dock & Grill is a can’t-miss destination for history and food lovers.

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