Little Bit’s Grill is a small establishment in the heart of Oak Island that might be easy to pass by, but shouldn’t be missed by burger lovers and anyone who is craving a salty, decadent beach treat. Featuring a simple burger and sandwich-based menu, as well as a separate breakfast menu for early morning fare, Little Bit’s Grill will leave Oak Island visitors satisfied before or after a full day on the beach.

The restaurant is located in a tiny, bright red building in the heart of Oak Island, and is close to both the beach and a collection of little shops and businesses. Though it’s almost hidden on this busy section of Oak Island Drive, it’s a popular spot for locals and frequent visitors who crave big breakfast plates of eggs, omelets, pancakes, and French toast, or a mouth-watering lunchtime burger. The burgers, fries, and onion rings are easily the most popular items, but patrons will find plenty of other options as well, including BBQ plates, club sandwiches, hot dogs, steak and cheese sandwiches, BLTs, and other American staples. With fast and friendly service, and a casual atmosphere where the juicy burgers can shine, Little Bit’s Grill is a great spot to quench a big burger craving. 

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