Louie’s Hot Dogs is a sliver of a restaurant that’s tucked away in Wilmington’s Historic Downtown, and which is less than a block away from the Riverwalk and ensuing waterfront. Measuring only 6 ½ feet wide, this veritable hot dog stand is nevertheless popular with the lunchtime crowd, thanks to a short but tasty menu that puts hot dogs in the spotlight.

Louie’s is locally famous, both for its dogs, and its miniature stature. Noticeable by its lemon-yellow awning, this small eatery has just enough room for a door, an outdoor marquis, and not much else. Even so, employees at the adjacent US District Court, and visitors who are looking for a quick bite to eat, nevertheless rave about the dogs which come in all-beef, sausage, turkey, and veggie varieties. (BBQ sandwiches and other specials are often regularly available as well.) Dogs can be topped with an array of extras, like barbecue and cole slaw, melted cheese and jalapenos, or hot chili, and can be served up with a side of chips and a fresh pickle. Perfect for a quick and easy midday meal by the waterfront, Louie’s Hot Dogs is a local institution that will satisfy a fast food craving without breaking the bank.

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