Visitors can enjoy a peek into Revolutionary War history while embarking on a natural expedition through the picturesque inland regions of the Cape Fear area with a visit to Moores Creek National Battlefield. Famed as the site of the February 27, 1776 battle, where 1,000 North Carolina patriots claimed victory and ended British rule in the colony forever, the site is a lesser-known but remarkable representation of a heroic chapter in local history.

The National Park Service battlefield site features a number of monuments that pay tribute to this historic feat, which can all be admired with an easy walk along the History Trail that runs through the park. This scenic route is also a popular destination for birdwatchers, thanks to wooden boardwalks and reconstructed bridges that overlook the pristine Moores Creek. The park also features a picnic area with shelter, a “Patriots Hall” for special educational programs, restrooms, and a Visitors Center where patrons can learn more about the battle. Located in the small town of Currie, which is found just north of Wilmington and the coastal beaches, the Moores Creek National Battlefield may be a little out of the way for central Wilmington visitors, but is worth a stop for the iconic history and beautifully natural vistas in every direction.

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