Wilmington’s youngest visitors can enjoy a full morning, afternoon or summertime camp of fun at Power of Play – a cool and entertaining destination for playground-worthy fun in an indoor setting. A perfect destination for rainy days, this fun center offers a wide range of programs including after school care, intersession camps, summer camps, and group events, allowing parents to enjoy a night out on the town, or to play side-by-side with their favorite young Wilmington explorers.

Power of Play is located northeast of Downtown Wilmington in the Ogden community, which makes it easy to reach for Wilmington and Wrightsville Beach locals and visitors alike. The expansive center features plenty of safe but thrilling equipment for kids to enjoy, including a large SoftPlay jungle gym, an indoor playground with custom PlayNation play systems, see saws, tricycle track, and twelve fantasy play stations. With more than 14,000 square feet devoted to entertainment, kids ages 1-11 will have hours of fun staying active, using their imaginations, and connecting with other kids their age. A great spot for an afternoon outing, big birthday bash, and everything in between, Power of Play is the place to go for young visitors who want to have a big dose of indoor fun. 

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