Budding biologists with an inherent curiosity about their coastal surroundings will have a blast at Wilmington’s own Sea Turtle Camp – an enriching summer camp program for teens to learn more about these beautiful creatures, as well as the local environment. The summer camp program allows campers to enter the world of the sea turtle, from giant 200-pound adults to newly hatched baby turtles that need to struggle their way into the deep ocean waters, and presents a purely enriching experience along the way.

The camp focuses not just on the sea turtle, but on making a difference for the health of the planet, and as such, campers can expect to learn a lot about local ecology, biology, and conservation skills that will last a lifetime. Completely hands-on and interactive, campers will spend their time at a rehabilitation center, on the beach, scuba diving, or anything in between, presenting a wild adventure with every new trip. Typically held in the warm weather months, and coinciding with sea turtle nesting season, this summer camp will be an eye-opening experience that’s miles away from the typical camping environment. Perfect for local and vacationing teens alike, the Sea Turtle Camp is a fun and educational way to discover the Cape Fear coastline at its most wild.

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