Cape Fear beach vacationers will be just minutes away from exceptional fishing, or from learning how to find and tackle the big catches, with a fishing trip provided by Southern Sport Fishing. Under the guidance of Capt. Andy Everhart, an experienced captain who has targeted the southeastern North Carolina waters for more than 30 years, even novice anglers will be reeling in the big ones in no time, and enjoying a truly unforgettable fishing adventure.

Southern Sport Fishing is easily accessible for Bald Head Island and Carolina Beach visitors, and from these coastal launching points, anglers can set sail on a ½ day, ¾ day, full day, or even Gulf Stream charter fishing trip that covers everything from Topsail to Kure Beach, as well as the waters that are miles offshore. Anglers who want to hone their skills, or learn more about the Cape Fear-specific catches, can also sign up for “hands-on” lessons that are held in small groups or as private classes, ensuring that fishermen get as much education and personalized instruction as possible. From learning the essentials of trolling, live bait fishing, and surf fishing, to embarking on a Gulf Stream adventure, virtually every corner of the Cape Fear fishing world is covered with Southern Sport Fishing.

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