Visitors who want to enjoy an in-depth tour of Southport, but who want to hear all the stories that are attached to the historic buildings and waterfront, (and who’d prefer not to embark on miles of walking), can sign up for a friendly excursion with Southport Fun Tours. These tours, which depart from the waterfront Bay Street in the heart of the downtown area, take place on a shaded and state-of-the art electric tram, providing a fine city-wide exploration for passengers who just want to sit back and take in the sights.

The tour is guided throughout, allowing passengers to learn more about the local intriguing history and culture, which includes colorful stories about pirates, wars, and hurricanes. Visitors will cruise by towering historic mansions, quaint cottages that have stood for centuries, ancient live oaks, and some of the most inviting coastal landscapes in the Cape Fear region. Visitors will even get to see recent movie locations and settings, (with filming perhaps in progress), and will get a hefty helping of local wildlife, including pelicans, ibises, and maybe even dolphins. Thorough and engaging throughout, Southport Fun Tours lets passengers relax, lean back, and take in the picturesque coastal town and salty breezes with ease.

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