Enjoy a completely unique tour of Southport in one of the most creative and souped-up golf carts on the island with an exploration that’s guided by Surf Tours of Southport. This cool company features area-wide tours that cover the downtown and beyond, and which are held in a two-benched golf cart with wood paneling and a surfboard on top, which automatically installs a fun and lively atmosphere that will keep tour-goers smiling well after the trip is over.

The tours are led by owner and expert Steve, who provides a colorful commentary of the town from the history to the local legends and filming sites that have made it to the big screen. Because of the tour-leader’s extensive database of knowledge, visitors can effectively customize a tour to include exactly what they want to discover in the centuries-old town – from architecture and the Civil War, to movie sets and picturesque waterfront vistas. En route, passengers will be able to cover much more ground than on an on-foot expedition, all while riding in comfort and at a leisurely pace. Perfect for visitors who want to slow down, enjoy the ride, and take in the entirety of the town to boot, Surf Tours of Southport is an all-encompassing introduction to this renowned Cape Fear community.

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