For an overflowing meal that’s definitely unique, head to The Golden Chicken. This casual restaurant that’s tucked away along College Street next to the UNCW campus specializes in Peruvian food, and offers heaping plates of authentic Latin fare that is sure to surprise and delight hungry patrons.

Suitable for dine-in and take-out visitors, the menu is big and boisterous with a world of dishes that can’t be found anywhere else in Wilmington. The Peruvian chicken, which comes in quarter, half and full sizes, is a must for newcomers, as are the syrupy and delicious Picarrones, which are similar to skinny but hearty fried donuts. Other unique stand-outs include the grilled Peruvian corn appetizer with a slightly spicy dipping sauce, the Milanesa platter that’s serviced on a giant mound of rice, and the fresh ceviche with shrimp. There are a number of authentic sides to accompany each meaty dish, including yucca fries and fried plantains, and new visitors who can’t decide where to start can get a sampler or combination platter that combines piles of different proteins and accompaniments on one over-stuffed plate.

A completely unique experience for Wilmington locals who think they’ve tasted it all, The Golden Chicken is quickly becoming the Cape Fear’s favorite destination for unique cuisine.

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