The Paper Crane has an easy-to-miss location along Eastwood Road, but Wilmington sushi and Asian cuisine fans will want to try this spot that’s known for its distinctively colorful rolls, unique vegan options, and wealth of dishes that combine the flavors of Japan, China, and Thailand.

Visitors can opt for dine-in, take-out, or delivery service, and folks who are running errands or shopping in central Wilmington can settle into the casual but friendly restaurant for an easy lunch or dinner. The menu goes on for multiple pages, and will challenge even the most dedicated Asian cuisine lovers with its myriad of unique options. The sushi and sashimi options are an excellent place to start, with a colorful array of roll or hand roll options. For something different, try the Sweet Potato Roll, the Sweet Omelet (Tomago), the Scallop (Hotate), or the Asparagus Tempura Roll, which are all vibrant and just a little bit eclectic. (Sushi specials are also available on a regular basis, and are always worth a look.) The entrees are just as tempting and unique, with flavors from all over the globe, allowing patrons to taste all the highlights of Asian cuisine without ever leaving central Wilmington.

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