Patrons can enjoy a quick sit-down, take-out, or delivery meal with a visit to Vito’s Pizza.  This family-friendly (and surfer-friendly) destination in the heart of Wrightsville Beach features a variety of crowd-pleasing toppings that can cater to any pizza taste or preference.

Vito’s Pizza is located just a block or so away from the Wrightsville Beach Causeway in the heart of Wrightsville Beach’s shopping and dining scene. Sandwiched in between a couple surf shops and local businesses, the bright blue exterior and adjacent mini patio with palm trees and picnic tables stand out in the crowd, and provide an inviting little spot to duck in and feast on a slice or two. Both full pizza pies and slices are available for an easy snack, lunch, or dinner, and pizza fans will find more than a dozen toppings to choose from. Patrons can pile a pizza high with hamburger, bacon, ham, sausage, ricotta cheese, feta cheese, pepperoni, and a wealth of veggies including mushrooms, jalapenos, olives, peppers, and even pineapple. There’s also a small selection of salads for lighter appetites, as well as beer and wine for a quick drink and a little people watching on the adjacent patio. Centrally located, Vito’s is an easy and fast destination for feeding a pizza craving.

Wrightsville Beach
  • Tuesday5:00pm-10:00pm
  • Wednesday5:00pm-10:00pm
  • Thursday5:00pm-2:30am
  • Friday5:00pm-2:30am
  • Saturday5:00pm-2:30am
  • Sunday5:00pm-10:00pm
Wilmington, NC Campgrounds and RV Parks

Wilmington, NC Campgrounds and RV Parks

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Cape Fear Serpentarium

Cape Fear Serpentarium

Not for the squeamish, the Cape Fear Serpentarium will surely thrill all of the reptile lovers in your crew, with one of the largest collections of live exotic venomous snakes in the country. Serpentarium owner and founder Dean Ripa, as well as the Serpentarium itself, has had local and national notoriety as one of the best places to come virtually face-to-face with an exotic but deadly critter. The Serpentarium has even been the focal point of a number of magazine articles, news articles, and even an Animal Planet television show, Fatal Attractions.