Visitors who are staying at the Carolina Beach State Park will be just a shell’s throw from thrilling on-the-water explorations, thanks to Wilmington Jet Ski Rentals. Located on the edge of the park and bordering the Cape Fear River, this established jet ski rental company offers competitive prices, great rides, and a hard-to-beat location that’s right on the water’s edge.

Wilmington Jet Ski Rentals offers both state-of-the-art Waverunners and Sea Doo watercrafts, which can easily maneuver through the water and have enough “umph” to appease a need for speed. Each Jet Ski rental includes vests, fuel, and orientation on how to operate the watercraft, and up to 3 riders are permitted on a vessel. Once the initial instruction has been presented, riders will be free to explore the waves, as it’s an easy launch from the edge of the park into the wide open waters of the Cape Fear River. Family owned and operated since 2009, Wilmington Jet Ski Rentals can cater to every member of the party, from Jet Ski pros to newcomers who are looking for a fun (and safe) on-the-water ride. A cool excursion for Wilmington and Carolina Beach visitors alike, Wilmington Jet Ski Rentals is bringing new meaning to the term “wave riding.” 

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