Empire Deli & Bagel is a laid-back little breakfast and lunch joint that will satisfy any native New Yorker or New Englander who happens to be in the Cape Fear region. Located just north of Wilmington in the Ogden area, this destination is filled with fresh eats and sandwiches that will appease any Yankee-style appetite.

Empire Deli & Bagel serves breakfast and lunch, and is best known for its bagels, which are made daily from homemade dough that is boiled and baked. The bagels can then be topped a number of ways for any-sized appetite, and for any early morning or midday craving. For breakfast, patrons can dive into a number of big “from the grill” sandwiches and wraps, like the egg and meat sandwich, or the diet wrap with egg whites and turkey, or can enjoy a staple NY-style bagel with cream cheese and lox. Lunch patrons will find a wealth of hot and cold specialty sandwiches, like a popular pizza bagel, a hot roasted beef and provolone cheese sandwich, and a classic Italian sub that’s piled high with meats. When coupled with a choice of chips, anti-pasta, potato or macaroni salad, diners can enjoy a hearty Cape Fear lunch that’s perfect for New York City-sized appetites.

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